2003 Christmas Newsletter

25 12 2003

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

In these holiday times we think of celebrations and sharing. We would be happy to share with you a couple of details of our lives this past year in France. Yes, we have been here for 1 1/2 years and we are adjusting fairly well.

When in Roam do as the Romans do. We have been conducting ourselves in a typical French manner. Jeff likes to kid that the French move like a heard of sheep. Going from one place to another in mass at exactly the same time. Of course there is the Monday to Friday workweek. Shopping and running errands on Saturday and wandering and exploring on Sundays. Throw in lunch and dinner routines and Voilà. Honestly the lifestyle here suits us fine. We enjoy the wandering and discovering of the countryside. There is quite a bit to see and do in the area. Of course, we appreciate all the time off. At times it seems like every week has a holiday and don’t forget the standard 5 weeks of vacation. Throw in a 35 hour work week and we have more time to spend doing family things.

Gabrielle is in kindergarten. She is beginning to learn how to write and she is getting ready for grammar school. She likes school and her extracurricular activities. She goes to the swimming pool and gymnastics once a week. She has adapted quickly to life in France. David is growing and his little personality is starting to come out. He can be a handful at times. He is going through that typical terrible twos phase. He is starting to speak. English and French words are mixed together in a way that only we can understand. As for me and Jeff, we are working and happy with our lives here. We hope you too are happy this holiday season and throughout all of next year.