2004 Christmas Newsletter

25 12 2004

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Christmas is coming and soon a new year, so we thought it will be a good idea to give you some news from us. As you notice, we’ve been in France another year. Jeff is becoming more and more French. As he says, “you can call me Jacques”. I hope he is only joking. In a way it is the same for me. I have returned to my roots and French values. Despite enjoying living in France, we feel nostalgic about the USA. We haven’t seen the US for more than two years but we hear a lot about it here. We have an idea what is going on, but we only get the French news’ interpretation. This summer we visited Mont Saint Michel next to the Atlantic Ocean. We were excited with the visit of Jeff’s mum, Gloria, and Jeff’s cousin Dale in November. As they say, “everything is the same but different”, when they saw Paris and life in France. We visited the D Day area of Normandy. The visit helped us get a better understanding and feeling of what happened there in history.

I have worked at the hospital now for two years. I am very busy responding to all the social problems regarding the seniors. Jeff works at the same place for the same people even though he signed a contract with their parent company. We continue to enjoy the area where we live in the town of St Remy les Chevreuse. For the first time, now that we all have bicycles, we went bike riding all together in the area and at the castle in Versailles. We also went rollerbladeing in the streets of Paris a few times and we really had fun.

Gabrielle is growing. She is 6 years old now. She knows how to ride her bike without training wheel. She learned how to swim and she is now learning how to read and write French. This is another story, she is in the first grade now and she found out that it takes some effort to learn how to read. She is working hard on improving her reading skills. In the other areas she is doing well. She is speaking English again and often she talks to us in English at home. She plays more and more with her brother who sometimes doesn’t know how to wait his turn and share. They manage to have fun together despite the occasional frustrations that all siblings share.

David is almost 4 yeas old now. He started preschool this year. He enjoys the activities there but sometimes it is difficult for him staying in school all day, four days a week. He is very active. He continues to speak little English and French. Sometimes we have to guess what he is saying.

Hope we will see you soon and hope you will come to visit us. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.