2005 Christmas Newsletter

25 12 2005

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Christmas is here and soon a new year. We would like to take a moment to say happy holidays from ours to yours. We hope that you finish this year on a pleasant note and that it continues throughout all of 2006. For us this will be our third Christmas in France and even though it appears that there will not be any snow, as usual, we are all in the spirit of things. Gabrielle and David are having difficulties waiting to open their gifts. As soon as the gifts are out in the open underneath the tree they seem to call to the children. “Open me; ask mommy and daddy for the 15th time if we can open just one…” You know what I’m talking about. Don’t you? And then there is the coming of Santa Claus. We are fairly sure that this is going to be the last year of belief in the jolly, chubby, white bearded man in the red suit and hat for Gabrielle. At the wise old age of 7 kids start to realize the truth while they uncover the perpetual lie of their parents with the aid their classmates. Hopefully she will not spoil it for David so that he can continue to believe in our lie for a few more years.

Gabrielle is in 2nd grade and she is doing well in all areas except for math. She has homework every night and we even add some additional work in English. She is growing, listening to the latest pop music, and starting to follow the new girl’s fashions. She is taking gymnastics and drawing classes after school. She loves her drawing class that her Grandma insisted she be enrolled in. We should probably thank her in helping Gabrielle release her artistic talents. David is getting bigger and as he likes to say he is a “big boy”. He is in pre-school for the second year now and finally he knows that he has to obey the rules. He is speaking a lot more and he now can ride his bike without training wheels. Now that his communications skills are coming along he has mellowed a bit and we couldn’t be more pleased.

This year we went to Poland for 3 weeks for our summer vacation. It was nice seeing family and meeting Christian, my godson and the kids’ second cousin, for the first time. I am still working at the same place and following the same routine. I still take dance lessons but this year I have been invited to be part of a dance company. The company is called “l’espace d’un instant” which translates as Within an Instant. So next year, I’ll be pretty busy with dance rehearsal for the dozen or so shows we have already booked for the year. Maybe you can come and see me. I can try to get you good seats if you’re interested and you can share an instant with me. At the moment Jeff has had a decision made for him that it is time to look for a different job. Sometimes changes come about in our lives that we don’t like or didn’t anticipate but in the long run things turn out for the better. We are both hopeful that this is going to be the case here. Hope to see you soon. You will always have our kindest thoughts and best wishes.