2006 Christmas Newsletter

25 12 2006

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

We hope our holiday newsletter finds you well. We would like to give you a brief update on what we have been doing. Our 4th Christmas in France and we couldn’t be happier. The kids are growing fast. Gabrielle is in 3rd grade. She is obviously learning French in school and we are teaching her English at home. This along with the other subjects gives her a lot of homework to do at night. She continues taking drawing classes and she is becoming quite an artist. She certainly draws better than her mom and dad. Early next year she will be 9 years old. David, now 5, is in his last year of kindergarten. Next year he will go to elementary school. They will go to the same school next year. Then they will be able to play, or argue, at home and on the playground. In preparation for the big school David is learning his letters. He has taken ownership of the letter D. “That is my letter”, he says. He is now saying a few words in English and he is quite proud of that. He is interested in sports and he is taking tennis lessons. Jeff took a stained glass class and made an attractive arts and crafts style lamp. Of course, I keep taking dance classes and I am preparing for some dance shows this year. I am thinking about changing jobs next year and Jeff changed this year. I want something different and more challenging. Jeff certainly is challenged in his new position because it is much more technical than his previous position. He likes it though, because as he says, he can use his “geek skills”.

We were happy to return to the US this year for Jeff’s brother Mike’s wedding. Jeff was Mike’s best man and we were glad that we were able to be there for Mike and Jennifer’s marriage. We were also pleased to be back in the USA. Everything seemed just a little different to us. It is strange how things seem to change with time. We had several visitors from the US this year here in France. Jeff’s mom Gloria and her friend Carolyn came to visit and my friend Margaret and her children Monica and Mathew also came on their vacation. Gloria and Carolyn also went to Rome and Margaret and kids went on to Poland. The world it seems is getting smaller. In addition to our trip stateside we took the kids skiing in the Alps. They both took ski lessons for 4 days and they really learned to ski. We French take skiing seriously. After a fairly difficult skills assessment test the kids received certificates and pins that clearly indicate their level. Gabrielle is at the snowflake level and David qualified as a little snowman.

From all of us to all of you a very merry Christmas.