2007 Christmas Newsletter

25 12 2007

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

What better time of the year to say hello, the Christmas holiday and soon the new year will be here. This newsletter, fifth in the series, is a brief recap of our year. Jeff started a new job in June and I did the same in September. His work is much closer to home than before but he works longer days and travels more. His job is challenging and interesting. My job is quite different from my last. I used to work for the elderly in a home now I work for teenage students in a school. It has taken me a few months to make the adjustment. A good thing though because I have a feeling I will need experience dealing with teenagers soon.

Gabrielle is now in the 4th grade and doing well. She likes her teacher and she is making new friends. She has entered what everyone is calling the “pre-teen” phase. She is paying attention to what she wears to school and she is developing her own taste in music. She has high fashion blue jean boots and she is listening to the latest teen music. She has noticed a sharp contrast between what she listens to and to what daddy listens to. The two often comment on the other’s music but sometimes they find common ground. She is taking dance lessons, playing on her DS and the computer. The Barbies have been shelved. David has gone form preschool to grammar school and in a few short months he is expected to start learning how to read, write, and do arithmetic. This has been quite the transition for the little man who used to have difficulty just sitting still in the chair. It is marvelous to listen to and to see him starting to read and write. He is taking tennis lessons again this year. Maybe him and I can play together next summer because I too am taking tennis lessons.

This year we had a great summer vacation. We spent one month in United States. The kids got to meet everybody in Chicago and we had a great time with family and friends. David started speaking English while we were there and since then Jeff and I are speaking English again at home. Gabrielle was able renew and certainly add a lot of new memories about the US. You can read her account of our vacation on the Windstrup Family Blog. This year we were lucky to be able to connect with a lot family. My family from Poland even spent a few days with us in France this summer.

We wish you all the best this Christmas and we hope the New Year finds you well.