United States – Summer Vacation 2015

27 07 2015

Take a look at the highlights of our most recent excellent adventure in the United States this summer. Our vacation and our video is in two parts. The first part shows the fun we had in Washington D.C., Colonial Williamsburg, New York, New York, a city so great they named it twice.., and Philadelphia and for the second part we’re in Chicago with family and friends. Come along with us as we explore the monuments & memorials in the capitol, revolutionary fervor in Williamsburg, big city life in the big apple, and the place where America was founded in Pennsylvania.

The second part of our tip was with family in Chicago. Come with as we see David win inordinately in Grandma’s library’s raffle, all the kids have fun in our backyard carnival experience, go trampoline bounding and Topgolfing, find incredible geocaches, and just visit with family and friends.