United States – Summer Vacation 2017

15 08 2017

Take a look at the highlights of our most recent excellent adventure in the United States this summer. Summer fest carnival rides and games. Backyard bean bag toss and the famous dice game with grandma. Ball game and bating cage practice. Shootin’ with the cousins. A water taxi boat ride, shopping, and museum in Chicago. River rafting in Wisconsin. Drive-in and museum in Michigan and Flea market in Indiana. All that up north in and around Chicago with family and friends.
Then down south in Florida to see family we haven’t seen in years. Meeting up with my sister and her extended family on the Golf Coast side. While there seeing and eatin’ alligator. Visiting my stepmom and aunt & uncle along with the park my father loved so much. Then over to the Atlantic Coast side with a visit in Miami then on to a fantastically fun family reunion at my other sister’s house. It was so nice seeing and doing things with everyone. Me my sisters and me were all able to celebrate our shared birthday together again. Just like the good old days.

Ireland – Summer Vacation 2016

17 08 2016

Ocean views, shear cliffs and a whale sighting. Rolling green hills, historic castles, abbeys and manner houses. Countryside views, enchanting Celtic music, and getting up close with some sheep. These were some of our experiences in Ireland. Trinity College and Book of Kells, The Guinness Storehouse Experience, a very very old pub, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. Trad on the Prom traditional music and dance show in Galway. Kylemore Abbey and the Connemara National Park. Burnaby Castle and Folk Park. A 50s Diner and Pub Grub in Killarney. The Ring of Kerry and the cliffs. Blarney Castle and a kissing of stone. And of course a wee bit of the luck o’ the Irish. -> Pin Map

Prague 2016

17 04 2016

A river boat cruise, jazz & classical music concerts, hearty food, good drink, great photo opportunities and the typical tourist excursions are what Christine and I enjoyed on our long weekend getaway in Prague. A evening dinner cruise on the Vltava accompanied the entire way with very good live jazz music. A classical music concert in the main hall of the Art Nouveau Municipal House. Cernovar and a few other Bohemian Pilsner Czech beers. Sunrise and sunset photo opportunities with the Old World Charles Bridge remaining a timeless and stunning subject. Their 600 year old Astronomical Clock and clock tower right on the old town square. The Prague Castle complex high on the hill with St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane all tucked inside the 9th century walls. Petrin Tower an Eiffel Tower wannabe. A quick funicular ride and of course the activity in and around the spectacular Charles Bridge.

Italy – Summer Vacation 2014

20 10 2014
Tuscany – Pisa and its famous Leaning Tower, Florence with the Uffizi Gallery and its Duomo, Venice with its canals and gondolas, and the scenic Siena. Cinque Terre and its port towns on the Italian Riviera. Now that’s an Italian vacation! Tag along with us as we treat ourselves with gelato ice cream, eat real Italian food, learn to row a gondola. Throw in some museums, parks, shops, and some interesting photo opportunities and see how we spent our vacation. Also, let there be no doubt who the best photographer in the family is as Gabrielle and I go head to head with a photo competition.

Les Alpes – Geneva Winter Vacation 2014

22 02 2014

Snow packed mountain peak vistas and well groomed blue, green, black and red ski slopes awaited us for winter break. Skiing in Morillon, France and a day trip to Geneva, Switzerland was a nice way to spend the break together. Gabrielle was pleased to celebrate her 16th birthday in the mountains. Sweet-sixteen is one of those milestone birthdays. It’s a coming of age birthday for an American though here in France we don’t usually make such a big deal of it. Christine and I decided that such an important birthday should be marked with an appropriate gift. Something age appropriate and something that would coincide with our little girl growing up. We will get her enrolled in driving school and her license to drive will be just around the bend.

Filmed In The Audience Of iPad Today

8 08 2013

We went to see the filming of iPad Today. We were caught in the filming of it at the end during Leo’s “App Cap”. Scan ahead on the video to about 1:07:30 if you want to see David and me, Christine and Gabrielle in the audience on the Double Robotics Telepresence demo.


Cool stuff if you have $2,500 to spend. I cant wait until the price of this thing comes down.

United States – Summer Vacation 2013

28 07 2013

Take a look at the highlights of our most excellent adventure in the United States this summer. Our vacation and our video are in two parts. The first part shows our classic American Drive Vacation out west and for the second part we’re in Chicago with family and friends. Come along with us as we explore the splendor of Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Yosemite, and Redwood National Parks. See how we balanced out the nature of the parks with the cityscapes of Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland.

The second part of our tip was with  family in Chicago. Come with as we celebrate Gabrielle’s graduation, enjoy rides and thrills at Great America, ponder the complexity of various works at the Art Institute, bounce, jump, and play games like silly kids, go to a ballgame, have a “Summer Christmas” party, learn about police work, and just visit with family and friends.