United States – Summer Vacation 2017

15 08 2017

Take a look at the highlights of our most recent excellent adventure in the United States this summer. Summer fest carnival rides and games. Backyard bean bag toss and the famous dice game with grandma. Ball game and bating cage practice. Shootin’ with the cousins. A water taxi boat ride, shopping, and museum in Chicago. River rafting in Wisconsin. Drive-in and museum in Michigan and Flea market in Indiana. All that up north in and around Chicago with family and friends.
Then down south in Florida to see family we haven’t seen in years. Meeting up with my sister and her extended family on the Golf Coast side. While there seeing and eatin’ alligator. Visiting my stepmom and aunt & uncle along with the park my father loved so much. Then over to the Atlantic Coast side with a visit in Miami then on to a fantastically fun family reunion at my other sister’s house. It was so nice seeing and doing things with everyone. Me my sisters and me were all able to celebrate our shared birthday together again. Just like the good old days.




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